Secure Internet Voting


The election system is the foundation of our democratic republic, and the decisions we make when voting are one of our most impactful collective actions.

Therefore, it is vital that our election infrastructure be as strong and reliable as possible.

Recent and prior elections have led millions of voters to mistrust our election results. We see votes leave our personal custody, other votes arrive from disparate locations, and vote counting itself occurs behind closed doors. At the same time, many eligible voters face barriers to participate because of long lines, anachronistic processes, and accessibility issues. And all the while, the current costs to administer elections are substantial, with annual spending in the billions of dollars, and key vote counting technology controlled by only a small number of proprietary closed-source corporations.

Can we do better?


It is now possible to establish an End-to-End Voter Verifiable election system, widely accessible for all citizens on our own personal devices.


Secure Internet Voting (SIV — pronounced like "civilization") offers citizens the power of private, nearly instantaneous, personally verifiable voting, at a fraction of the cost of current election systems.

Strong cryptography — originally developed to safeguard national secrets, nuclear weapons, and large scale financial assets — is used with Defense in Depth to create a secure election system with no single point of vulnerability. Every step of the process creates a written audit trail, with explicit methods in place to detect and remediate any attempts of attack.

Participating in our democratic process becomes far faster and easier, as we simultaneously gain specific mathematical evidence whether our elections are accurate and the announced results correct.

Implementation Alongside The Paper System

Although SIV is designed to exceed paper across all relevant criteria, it need not be forced upon any voter. It acts as an additional option to the choice between In-Person & Vote-by-Mail. Any voter who prefers traditional paper methods can still use them.

Ready For Use

SIV is fully built and has been successfully piloted in elections throughout the US. If you have an upcoming election, whether governmental or not, SIV exists to make your and your voters' jobs easier. Get Started. (opens in a new tab)

About This Documentation

As a lack of familiarity leads to doubt & mistrust, this documentation serves to illustrate & elaborate the Secure Internet Voting design.

Please provide feedback where things are not yet clear, so that this documentation can be improved for the benefit of all.