Mitigating Attacks
Server Penetration

Server Penetration Attacks

The SIV Protocol is designed so that nobody needs to trust election servers for accurate results or confidentiality.

Complete Verifiability

All results are completely verifiable and any mistakes can be independently detected. This provides far greater assurance than traditional election infrastructure where tallying is done behind closed doors.

Auditable Evidence

Written auditable evidence is created by successful completion of each of the 5 steps of the SIV Protocol. Each and every step can and should be independently checked and verified to justify as much confidence in election outcomes as possible.

Comparison to Paper

In both paper-only elections and Secure Internet Voting, compromising election administrators or their computers could lead to inaccurate results being published. Although both share this vulnerability, SIV makes it much harder for these types of inaccuracies to pass undetected.